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Woman-On-The-Go | CAFÉ Edition: Eira Aliitasi Elisara-Scanlan

A day in the life of business-savvy Boss Mama, Baker and the Co-creator behind EnT's Cafe.   Nothing brings people together, like good food! Eira Aliitasi Elisara-Scanlan knows this first hand after turning her passion for baking and creating delicious food into a thriving business. Mother to Anaya and Jeremiah, Eira and husband Tyson, own the EnT's Café and Car Rental business in Fugalei, where Eira spends much of her day attending to hungry customers or whipping up one of her signature Specials of the Week. Sharing on what makes her tick, she said, "My faith, my children, cooking with my husband and investing in our business are some of my passions in life. I also recently discovered a passion...

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Woman-On-The-Go | CAFÉ Edition : Sheera Ah Kuoi

Sheera talks business, entrepreneurship and the passion behind her daily grind for success. Whether it's a laid-back Sunday afternoon or a busy Monday morning, Sheera Ah Kuoi is never far from focused on her daily work #grind. The young entrepreneur works multiple businesses including the Cornwall Rooftop Café, as she breezes through this season as a newly engaged, mother-to-be. Fiercely focused and determined to succeed in all areas of life she said, "I'd best describe myself as someone who thrives on challenges and constantly sets short and long term goals for myself." "I’m always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness in all areas - including family, friends and business-wise" "I'm not comfortable with settling, it drives...

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