Woman-On-The-Go | CAFÉ Edition: Eira Aliitasi Elisara-Scanlan

A day in the life of business-savvy Boss Mama, Baker and the Co-creator behind EnT's Cafe.


Nothing brings people together, like good food!
Eira Aliitasi Elisara-Scanlan knows this first hand after turning her passion for baking and creating delicious food into a thriving business.
Mother to Anaya and Jeremiah, Eira and husband Tyson, own the EnT's Café and Car Rental business in Fugalei, where Eira spends much of her day attending to hungry customers or whipping up one of her signature Specials of the Week.

Sharing on what makes her tick, she said, "My faith, my children, cooking with my husband and investing in our business are some of my passions in life. I also recently discovered a passion for exercise after having my babies. I had forgotten what it was like to break a sweat, and the need to be healthy and to stay fit to catch up to my kids!”

Speaking about entrepreneurship, she added, “I love to push myself to be the best that I can; if something doesn’t go according to plan, often I can be my own worst enemy. I would like to think that I am a Perfectionist… and not in a good way,” she adds with a laugh.

In contrast to the social-oriented atmosphere of a cafe, Eira revealed that she’s an introvert.

“Sometimes I come out as overly hyper and very friendly, something I have learnt to be, given the nature of our business. But in fact, I get anxious when I’m in a room full of people and most times I would rather avoid public gatherings and stay home with my kids."

In her down time, Eira enjoys treating her children out, making memories and cherishing every moment.



6am – The kids are awake.  Usually I spend time with them, lying in bed and telling stories. Then we video call their Dad to say good morning, as he normally leaves home before they wake.

9am – Kids have had breakfast and it’s time to start on my baking for the Café – Chocolate Pie, Banoffee Pie, Chocolate Cake, Eclairs and Scones if I can squeeze in the time.

12pm – I get ready for work and take in my baking, plus trialing the ‘Special for the Week’.

3pm – Done with my paperwork and updates for the week. I rush home in time for my son’s feeding time.

6pm – Time to get dinner ready.




6am – My usual morning routine, spending time with the kids.

9am – I’ve just got into work; catching up with paperwork, banking and the staff pay. Also getting our popular Oka dish ready for lunch

3pm – Heading home now to the kids.

6pm – A trip to the Sea wall for a walk with the kids. We love finding places to take our kids for a treat.

9pm – Kids wipe down and bath time before bed. Time to unwind with a movie on Netflix.



8am – Saturday is the busiest day of the week! Rushing off to work.

10am – Serving tables, as orders fly in.

12pm – Quickly replying to outstanding catering orders and sorting the following week’s schedules for catering orders and our Specials!

3pm – After a busy day, we close up and head home.

6pm – This is our family outing day! We love having a treat day, eating out with the kids and wasting petrol.




As told to Fashion Stylist - Shivani Sharma