Alexander and Jasmay with Eveni Pacific - Taumeasina, Samoa

The Basics:
Names: Alexander & Jasmay Willis
Where are you from? American Samoa
Wedding location? Samoa
The Love story:
How did you meet? 
We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. We both were representatives for young single adults in our area. We were also partners for a church function called FSY (For The strength of Youth) The function was an island wide camp which was for young women and men ages 14-19 and was hosted by young single adults ages 20-30. This camp focused on strengthening the youth in building Christ like abilities, focusing on self reliance, etc. After the program butterflies and chemistry started sparkling. This is a brief summary of how we met and had the chance to work together.

How did he/she propose?
The proposal took place at the Apia Samoa LDS Temple

The Planning:
How did you decide on your Eveni Pacific bridal party outfits?
The Groomsmen wear was inspired by our engagement photo shoot shirt. My wife bought me a long sleeve white elei shirt from Eveni. The Groomsmen wanted something similar since we had asked for them to wear white to make things simple.
What was the most stressful part in planning? 
There wasn't much stress on planning. We worked together in planning big events before and wanted everything to be as simple as we can for our wedding. With the support from our families and friends planning was very relaxed, calm, promising and stress free.
Any top wedding prep advice you could give? 
Before planning. Always have a vision or idea of your wedding. From there both should agree and be one from the beginning. The next step is budgeting for that vision. Then you start planning. With that being said, the most important factor. You both need to be on the same page from the beginning to end, not changing for the wants of others. Always stick with the original vision and support each other.
The Big Day: 
Funniest moment on the day was...
During the grand march. One of the groomsmen was dancing on the floor while his partner went straight for her seat. He was dancing hard out by himself thinking his partner was right there just as the others that went before them.
Bride walked down the aisle to what song: We walked together to "Back at one" by Brian McKnight 

Any tears? There were plenty of tears. Mainly during the waltz.

Any last advice or words of wisdom?
Plan the wedding you both dreamed of and to always have fun with everything.

Groomsmen: Eveni Pacific 
Groom: Island Image Creation Tuxedo 
Bride: Exclusive by off the rock 
Photographer: Chikara Yoshida 
Venue: Sealing @ LDS Temple in Pesega & Reception @ Taumeasina Island Resort 
HAIR and makeup: EBB - Hair and Makeup by Ella Mau (she’s the best)