Jay + Chrissina Lewa with Eveni Pacific - Manumailagi, Samoa

The Basics:
Names: Chrissina and Jay Lewa
Where are you from: Jay born in NZ, but Fijian background.
Chrissina living in NZ, but born in Samoa. 

Wedding location: Apia, Samoa

The Love Story:
How did you meet? (as told by Chrissina)
Jay was working at a supermarket 12 years ago and my sister got a job at his workplace. I had a little crush before on him before my sister got the job and then found out Jay was working there and I would drop by from time to time. Jay got my number from a friend and messaged me. That same weekend, 1st date, 12 years later, married lol
How did he propose (as told by Chrissina):
It was my birthday, Jay had been out the whole day, took me to what I thought was going to be dinner lol We go for a walk in the evening, he surprisingly blindfolds me in the dark. We are at the entrance of Wellington Botanical Gardens. He walks me to this place, he takes the blind fold off, I look around and it’s all candles and flowers all over a little pond shelter by the gardens. He talks about our love together, gets on one knee asks me to marry him 
The Big Day:
Describe your Wedding look in 3 words:
- Cultural
- Beautiful
- Simple
How did you decide EveniPacific for the groomsmen?
Very easy, simple elegant shirt, the prints were detailed beautifully, light but still noticeable. White was the colour, we had mood board schemes, grey pants to go with the nice Eveni shirts. Also the shirts were fit for the weather, short sleeve to make it a breeze for the boys in wonderful Samoa. The Green leaf Ula's to wrap over the shirts, just perfect !! Simplistic, casual but elegant at the same time.
Most stressful part of planning:
Destination Weddings are a big deal, but our hearts with the world class Goodecompany, Netia who worked like the Legend she was, to make things run smoothly. I guess it was embracing the process of it all, not losing ourselves in the planning, but doing it with Love ! Family is everything for us too, without them it would've been a sinking ship.
Funniest part of the day:
The dance floor by far, memorable moments, everyone was in their zone lol
Bride walked down the aisle to...
Johnny Swim - Take the world 
Any Tears?
Soo many tears, tried to hold it in but couldn’t ! Was a very very special day for us both
Any last advice or words of wisdom?
Its your day for both of you, stay true to yourselves, always be on guard for the unexpected and compromise, find a world class wedding planner. Enjoy every little bit of the day, and celebrate your love together! 
Groom wore -  Eveni Pacific - Classic White-on-White & Traditional Fijian Masi 
Bride wore - @BeJANJAN
Groomsmen: Eveni Pacific
Wedding Planner: Goode Company - Netia Goode
Photographer - @Merlephotographs 
Venue - Manumailagi 
Hair - @Mircales_Beauty_Salon
Makeup - Jessica Androutsos & Angela Bentham Scanlan
MC - Tosimaea Tupua