Woman-On-The-Go | CAFÉ Edition : Sheera Ah Kuoi

Sheera talks business, entrepreneurship and the passion behind her daily grind for success.

Whether it's a laid-back Sunday afternoon or a busy Monday morning, Sheera Ah Kuoi is never far from focused on her daily work #grind.

The young entrepreneur works multiple businesses including the Cornwall Rooftop Café, as she breezes through this season as a newly engaged, mother-to-be.

Fiercely focused and determined to succeed in all areas of life she said, "I'd best describe myself as someone who thrives on challenges and constantly sets short and long term goals for myself."

"I’m always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness in all areas - including family, friends and business-wise"

"I'm not comfortable with settling, it drives me crazy when I feel like I’ve slowly stopped working on projects I've drawn out and set ahead."

With business at the forefront, Sheera loves to unwind by going on adventures both near and far. 
She said, "I love learning new things, whether it's through travel experiences or simply reading inspirational books by some of my favourite authors & business mentors."

Sharing her perspective on women in business, she added, "Women of this bold new generation are qualified, capable, and passionate in the different roles in their lives.
Carefully balancing entrepreneurship, motherhood, and pursuing their passions are the main daily drive. And for this, it's constantly evolving."

"For all the working woman out there, we can be our own limitation. Be confident and comfortable in your strengths, don't hide from them. Respect will follow.


7:30 am - On the road heading to meet my partner and staff at Cornwall Rooftop Cafe. We’re going over our To-Do list for the day. 

11:00am - I’m with the carpenters on a different site sorting out what plans to finalize for the day and the rest of the week.

11:30am - I’ve just popped in at my family business - Funway Rentals. I'm meeting my dad and relatives for a family meeting.

2:00pm - Went to the fish market for a hot stash of fish and chips to takeaway. My partner and I catchup on our day and enjoy a quiet lunch together at the Café.

7:00pm - Time to relax and spend time with family all evening.


7:30 am - Meeting my partner and staff at Cornwall Rooftop Cafe. I’m getting the staff payroll done, then off to the bank I go. 

1:00 pm - If I miss out on breakfast I always try to make time for lunch. I was nearby Scalini's so I stopped over for two of their tasty sandwich rolls. Had an nice lunch catchup with my partner.

3:30 pm - Closing the Café now and briefing with staff. Also met the carpenters and had an overlook on this week's work outcome and gave out payroll.

5:30 pm - A good de-stress sesh at MyFitness Gym in the Spin class. After gym, I picked up dinner for the family at Giordanos Pizzeria before making my way home.


7:30 am - On my way to do the grocery shopping for the Café. I'm full-time at the Café on Sundays and continue moving between businesses during the week days. #EntreprenuerLife

2:00 pm - The Café is closed now. I picked up a delicious family lunch I ordered in advance from a local Chinese restaurant.

2:30 pm - Dropped by home for a quick lunch before heading off to Funway Rentals to cover my dad's shift until closing.
Each weekend my siblings and I rotate shifts.

5:00 pm - Done for the day. Head home to rest up. Rest of the evening is for spending quality time with my partner, snacking & watch our fave series.
As told to Fashion Stylist - Shivani Sharma