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White Sunday Best with Eveni Kids!

  Choosing the perfect White Sunday outfit for your little one can be a little  overwhelming. Luckily, Eveni Kids, has made it so much easier with their wide selection of kids clothing. What I absolutely love about Eveni Kids is that you can actually see with their unique patterns and designs how closely attentive they are to each intricate detail. With new styles to choose from, it's safe to say that Eveni Kids has got your shopping needs covered!       You can never go wrong with a classic piece. The Eveni's Midi Dress is now available in kids sizes and is just as stunning! Or, If you'd like to take a more traditional approach, the Bardot Top Puletasi is...

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The Elei Ie Faitaga - White Sunday

White Sunday (Lotu Tamaiti) is just around the corner- the time of the year dedicated to celebrating the children of Samoa.  As a mum of four, the most common piece of advice I’ve received was to never dress children in white. Why? Well of course, the baby puke, dribbles, spilt food & drink as well as those green grass stains they get from skidding around outside when I’m not looking- is HARD to wash! This year- it’s not going to be a problem! EveniKIDS latest Ie Faitaga designs have just landed and they are amazingly easy-to-wash due to their hardwearing Polyester Twill fabric. With proper care, you can make one last you years!   Plus, they come in an awesome...

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