Woman-On-The-Go: Aotea Schwenke

 The Work Diary of: Adventurer, mother and fitness guru finding her zen as she balances family time, studies and living life to its fullest

You’d probably find Aotea Schwenke anywhere in between writing a thesis paper during the day or reading children’s bedtime stories in the nights. For this wife and mother of two gorgeous girls, balancing life has become an art form as she navigates her way through motherhood, tertiary studies, and her zest for fitness, family time and fun!
Inspired by powerful and accomplished women such as Brené Brown & Michelle Obama, Aotea strives to follow the footsteps of strong women as she endeavors her last year of studying Psychology, Education, Media Studies and Management through distance learning at Massey University.
Sharing what it means to be a Woman-On-The-Go, she said, “Personally it means having a goal and working hard to achieve that goal, whether it’s educational, financial, physical or career focused. Women who are empowered to participate in these pursuits can contribute to development and driving down inequality.”
As much as possible, Aotea is an adventurer at heart, loving a fierce work out or CrossFit session to spark those endorphins.
She said, “I’d best describe myself as a family girl, an observer and I absolutely love to see others smile for sure! I’m inspired by strong, loyal women who are willing to share their voice with society. I’m passionate about building a strong family unit, music, health & chocolate.. all good things in moderation!”



8.00 am. I’m on my way to practice a song I’m singing for my old Bishop’s funeral. Reflecting on how short life is, the importance of cherishing the small moments and a strong yet humble man who I respected and always made me smile.

11.00 am. The atmosphere is so sweet and reverent, I’m honoured to sing for this family.

1.00 pm. Back at home, while my daughters are eating lunchI quickly caught up on schoolwork and reading. use whatever time I can, to get the work DONE!

5.00 pm. Didn’t get time to prep dinner today, so we bought chicken tacos. Yum!

7.00 pm. This is when we start our bedtime routine. I usually read to my girls, but tonight they went off track and preferred to talk. Once they’re asleep, it’s more study for me…



6.00 am. My hubby usually gets up early to hit the gym, so I use this time to read/check emails/Insta before my girls wake up.

7.00 amThe girls are awake AND the chaos begins I better get their breakfast sorted before they start destroying things/each other #mumlife

8.00 am. Finally, the girls are ready and off to school! I have a school paper due soon, so I get a head start writing that.

12.00 pm. Hubby works shifts and I’m grateful to have a flexible schedule so that we can get in some alone time on his off days. Today we went on a date to Black Pepper Café. Their Tuna & Salad Bar was to die for!

2.00 pm. Gym time! My favourite way to de-stress is to get into the gym for a heavy weight session. I have noticed a huge shift in my mood & mental health since incorporating regular exercise into my routine.


11.00 am. Possible cyclone conditions approaching the island, really would love to just watch movies all day but what about CrossFit?

12.05 pm. Remembered all the chocolate I ate yesterday. “Let’s go, your body will thank you for it”.

12.30 pm. CrossFit FatuToa literally destroyed me! It was partner day, so my partner Jay Jay took the lead! I love being inspired by strong and motivated people here! #FitnessGoals

5.00 pm. I have a leadership position at church, so the first half of my Sundays are quite busy. I use this time to organise any last-minute items and prepare for the day.

6.00 pm. After an intense CrossFit work out, I need to get some shut-eye! Sweet dreams.


As told to Fashion Stylist - Shivani Sharma