Versatility at it's finest - Ways to Wear the Bardot top!

Versatility at it's finest - 5 Ways to Wear the Bardot top! 

Bardot tops are now a well-established summer staple piece that, luckily, us islanders can enjoy all year round! Made of 100% cotton material and fashioned with gorgeous colors and designs, the Eveni Pacific bardot top takes this classic style to the next level. 
I absolutely love how versatile this top is! Here are my top 5 favorite ways to wear the bardot top. 
1. Classic Off-the-shoulder.
The off-the-shoulder look serves as both fun and sassy but also gives a subtle sophistication that I'm loving! Wear while either running errands, meeting the girls for a brunch date, or for a night out - limitless possibilities. 
2. Cross Body / One off-shoulder 
I love how flattering the one off-shoulder looks with just the right amount of skin showing through. Pair this style with your favorite statement necklace and you are dressed to impress! 
3. Tank Style
This style is flirty and hip all wrapped into one! Hit the beach and spend the day chasing the sun in this effortlessly glamorous tank top look. 
4. Paired with a nice pair of high-waisted dress pants. 
I can definitely appreciate a good business look and I'm obsessed with how the bardot tops match well with these high-waisted dress pants. Who said corporate meetings have to be dull? Stand out and make an impression with a similar look. 
5. More conservative approach
If you're anything like me, simple and conservative always wins. The elastic band sewn into the bardot top allows for a snug, secure fit that holds place with any style you choose to dress it in. Personally, I love the softness and simplicity that this wide neckline creates yet still makes me feel confident and stylish! 
Thanks for reading everyone! You can get all styles featured in this post on the Eveni Carruthers website. Happy shopping! Fita xo