This Week - We sat down with the team from premium fashion brand MENA!

Questions below were sent through from followers of our Instagram page. Here are the top 5:
1. Will you ever bring back the puletasis again? Those were the best!
    We now produce our garments differently to cater to an international market - so If you have a MENA puletasi of old - hang on to it!
    However, in some of our upcoming collections we will be paying homage to these old styles so watch this space.
    2. Is there a kids line?
      We currently have a small kids range which is only available online and in our Auckland store (266 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn) but are looking to expand this line in the future.


      3. What is your biggest size in women's outfits?
        We currently cater up to size 20 or 22 in most of our dresses. Our kaftan range can fit up to a size 26.


        4. What are the prints like?
          Our prints often very bright and lively drawing inspiration from various aspects of the Pacific -  the flora, culture, tattooing and stories that have been told to us.
          Vibrant colours are often used against contrasting backgrounds which have quite a striking effect. If you like to stand out, MENA prints are definitely for you.



          5. Where does the inspiration come from?
            Our inspiration comes from Samoa where we are from and from the wider Pacific. You would think we would run out of ideas concentrating on a specific Region but we are always learning new things about Samoa that provide great inspiration. Also, when we travel to other islands we always come across patterns Or links that we can tie in to our collections.
            To us, clothing is one of our greatest means of individual expression and to be able to have them reflect our culture, who we are and where are from is beautiful.