Meet the Photographer - Jordan Kwan


My name is Jordan Kwan, and I'm a photographer currently based in Samoa. I've always loved photos as far back as I can remember, and owned my first camera when I was a little over 8 years old.

It seems fitting that I'd end up doing photography for work as a grown up -- although, it's never work when you're doing something you're passionate about.


We tend to take photos for granted. There's something magical about snapping a single moment in time, and preserving it for years to come. I'm always overcome with feelings of nostalgia when I come across old photographs of people and places, of a bygone era.

In the back of my mind I'm always hoping that, a few years from now, people will look at my photos and be momentarily transported to a different time and place. I primarily specialize in wedding photography, and this often influences my work for Eveni as I usually bring a bit of romance to each shoot. Eveni Carruthers is a timeless brand.

When you think of old Apia, you think of their storefront that graces old photographs -- that same storefront is still there today, albeit renovated with a fresh coat of their now signature vibrant royal blue paint.

Eveni has come a long way, constantly innovating and bringing the best in island fashion to the everyday professional. I'm always honored to shoot for Eveni, to be a part of the history of a proud brand that was established in 1929 -- almost a century ago. I'm excited to have contributed to Eveni's journey thus far. Stay tuned.