Meet the Fashion Stylist - Shivani

1. Name: Shivani Sharma

2. Describe your fashion style in 3 words: Vintage, Classic, Polished

3. Your top 3 fashion icons are: Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Ashley Graham & Gabi Gregg a.k.a Gabi Fresh
4. What do you love about fashion: I love that fashion enables us to express our feelings and thoughts, make statements, set a mood and be a wonderful creative outlet with endless possibilities. It's an art form!

5. What do you love about Eveni fashion? I love how versatile each piece is. Every piece can easily be taken from day-to-night, be worn for work, events,  family celebrations or casually around town. I also appreciate how the designs and prints have stayed true to Samoa, reflecting our unique identity among the cultural richness of the Pacific- with a crisp modern touch. 
6. Top 3 things you assess before investing in a great piece of clothing: Must have an Excellent Fit, Breathable Material, Versatile- can be worn in a variety of ways/events